About the project

​Multiple Journalism in an ongoing, collaborative research project, which collects, reviews and shares new tools and best practices in journalism to inspire students, journalists and other storytellers. The best cases of innovation that make use of new technology creatively are collected around the world and published in this online multimedia field guide for independent journalists, which will expand with time.

As journalism is going through a profound transformation at break neck speed, we feel that a dynamic online manual is a useful resource, both for teaching journalism and for reinventing it.

We see journalism as a public good and we believe that the multiple journalism of the digital age is not a threat to the independence and quality of professional journalism, but a liberation from strict corporate control. It is an opportunity for journalists to each excel in a unique way, through collaboration and specialization, and for society to benefit from an endless expansion of information and from a meaningful interpretation of this information in a world characterized by informed bewilderment.

New technology provides new ways to produce better research, reporting, and storytelling and to engage in new relationships with those formerly known as 'the audience'. We particularly look at new journalism practices in relation to crowds, networks, immersion, robots, diverse points of view, visual storytelling and publishing.

As contributors, we share an interest in how to apply the new tools to produce better journalism. As a network we can optimize resources and generate synergy. New creativity will emerge from our sharing.

The Multiple Journalism website was made in 2014 by Bregtje van der Haak, Sara Kolster, Firma Caris and Devid Ilievski and is based on the essay The Future of Journalism: Networked Journalism by Bregtje van der Haak, Manuel Castells and Michael Parks (IJOC, Fall 2012).


​Please contact us if you want to write about a new case, join our network of international researchers, or host a workshop for journalism or design students.


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Research and writing has been contributed by:
  • Manuel Castells & Michael Parks, USC Annenberg School for Communication & Journalism, Los Angeles
  • Devid Ilievski, Fontys University of Applied Sciences, Tilburg
  • Jack Linchuan Qiu & Mengyang Zhao, The Chinese University, Hong Kong
  • José Guilherme Pereira Leite, University of São Paulo
  • Sjoukje van der Meulen, University of Amsterdam
  • Dianne & Wendy Caris (Firma Caris), Amsterdam
  • Jeana Frost & Lee Seymour
  • Ellen de Lange, One World

The Multiple Journalism website is made possible by the generous support of:

  • Dutch Innovation Fund for Journalism
  • VPRO
  • NTR
  • NPO
  • Google
  • Knowledgeland Foundation

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